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8667391] Do not worry, thanks for the help, I think I have finally found a rather small plant for a reasonable price in the UK.

Any special advice for a 1st time producer? will be growing in the interior, do you need any kind of lighting or special conditions? read somewhere you need to make it a low humidity store.

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Friend, I hope and you can read in Spanish, salvia divinorum is a plant which in the beginning is complicated, you have to acclimate it very well to survive, being a plant of the jungle in the Sierra Mazateca (Oaxaca, Mexico) in its natural condition grows near streams and under many trees, which makes no have direct sunlight, this plant likes places with indirect light, can not stand the cold under 4 degrees Celsius, if you live in a place where the winter is raw, you have to keep it inside. cultivation
I hope to travel at the end of the year for my cuttings.
Last week I went to Oaxaca and I brought a kilo of dehydrated leaves to prepare my extracts, so if anyone has recipes they will thank them. Greetings and luck.: D