17 creative ideas to green your small spaces | Upsocl

It is already a topic in social networks: we live in small spaces and we need to accommodate ourselves and organize to be comfortable. But not everything is comfort! We must also ensure that these spaces are beautiful and create environments where it is pleasant to live your life. For me, something fundamental is the plants, they make any space a place full of life! They connect you with nature, herbs serve you in the kitchen, flowers perfume your home and succulent decorative

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Today we show you an ideal alternative to include plants in your small environments: Because we love vertical gardens!

> 1. With pallets you can do wonders! 2. Wooden boxes with ferns 3. Metal jars with herbs next to your kitchen 4. Wuau! It seems that the plants literally left that wall 5. Cups with herbs 6. Creative pendant from indoor plants 7. These old woods look quite decorative 8. Modern plastic containers with cactus and succulents 9. You can also frame your decorative plants! 10. The dining room wall looks great with these metal pots 10. These little boxes are lovely! 11. Recycle your plastic bottles and create fabulous gardens 12. A true picture with succulents 13. Great! Use an old drawer as a pot 14. A living spice shop! 15. I love! Also recycle your old bulbs 16. Amazing! Inverted pots in your kitchen 17. Or as center lamps

Let your imagination fly and green your house!