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Baixar Funky Man

Baixar Funky Man

For about a month or so I see Paul Newman movies, I saw one and then I saw another and another, I saw ten and I still do not know why. I tell myself that I had to see them and bye. There is something in the depth of your look, you feel like there is behind those blue eyes, like that song of the Who. They are clear and vulnerable eyes. In The Hustler, which is his best movie, it looks good. In the last scene his eyes do not just speak, they shout, he raises his voice and the monologue is tremendous, but what is heard above his voice are his eyes. I do not say anything else because I do not want to spoil a movie that was filmed in black and white.

A few days ago I saw a photo of Paul with his wife, Joanne. In fact, they were two photos in one, on one side they young and, on the other, old. Between each photo there are forty years. The position is almost the same, they are both sitting and smiling. They go elegant, in costume and bow it, of black dress her. In the first one is seen to her looking at camera, laughing and with an Oscar in the hand. He looks at her, there is admiration in his eyes. You can use this photo to "stay with the one who looks at you like". In the second he continues to look at her, now gray, but in this photo the difference is that she looks back at him, the two smile holding their hands and holding their eyes. His is a clean look and I think someone with a clean look can do what he wants.

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The females visit flowers of Centropogon long corolla, and fly among scattered shrubs along the foraging routes. Distribution outside Costa Rica It is located from the southwest of U.S.A. to the west of Panama.

Then read a beautiful poem of yours: bad poets are needed. He reads it slowly, manages the rhythm and intonation to perfection, gives strength to the words accentuating with emphasis. Move your hands, move your shoulders. He finishes reading, closes the book, looks for a second for the side and then looks down, sighs and says: fits.

A few years ago, 6 years ago, I read the Pichiciegos in a room of a hostel of death in Iruya, Salta paradise with mountains of colors that embrace you. I went on the recommendation of my sister who also recommended the book. We were with Martin in the beginning of a trip by South America. I remember that the room was falling apart. I sometimes changed the position to read more comfortable. The flayed walls watched me move. I could not leave the book, I had to end there, in that place, that night. Emilio Renzi says that if you remember the circumstances in which you were with a book, that is proof that it was decisive, they are not necessarily the best or the most influential, but they are what left a mark. It happens to me that I often do not remember the plot of a book, or the names of its characters, but, if I like a book, I usually remember a concept or a phrase, probably something deformed. The Pichiciegos left me a mark, like those we make of boys against the wall to see how we grow, I was left with the phrase of fear of fear, double fear, which says that one has his fear and expects the other, the of the moment, to alleviate when that small fear passes, because those always pass, but the other does not, never happens, stays. The book I finished there, in that place, that night. I turned the light off and looked up.