Is Bannon in peril? Trump comments worry his populist base

Image Barron Trump and his mother Melania Trump

Image Barron Trump and his mother Melania Trump

It's easy to forget, after an whirlwind 82 days in the White House, that chief strategist Steve Bannon only formally joined Donald Trump's presidential campaign fewer than three months before Election Day.

Even before Trump's outburst, there were reports that Bannon's influential connections beyond the White House were looking for a post for him.

"I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late", he told the Post.

"I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn't know Steve", Trump said, referencing a primary he successfully navigated while Bannon was at Breitbart.

"I am my own strategist".

Bannon came onto the campaign in August at the same time as Kellyanne Conway.

It's Bannon's rift with Kushner that seems to have troubled the president the most.

The 63-year-old Bannon is seen as the driving force behind Trump's nationalist-populist agenda - making him a cause celebre of the far-right and a bete noire for centrists. He apologized and said he let the president down, but said he has no intention of stepping down.

Bannon's ideological and stylistic differences with Jared Kushner, Trump's increasingly influential son-in-law, have led to a number of behind-closed-doors confrontations. And even if Bannon is retained, it could be challenging for such boisterous and aggressive operators to continue to serve a president who so dissed him in public. Trump confirmed that to Goodwin, and in the process, may have revealed which side he's on.

"I think firing Bannon would be a huge mistake for Trump", conservative radio host Steve Deace told the Times.

It's never good when your boss says you're a "good guy, but".

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Trump is also said to be unhappy with media depiction of Bannon. Publicly, the White House has played down any notion of a rift.

"Nobody voted for the president so Gary Cohn could go to Washington", said one Trump associate.

Bossie and Bannon had worked together on a series of conservative media partnerships, many of which were funded by the Mercers, who at the time were creating a wide network of data and advocacy projects.

"This campaign of anti-Semitism has been driven by white supremacists and anti-Semites and has all the hallmarks of classic Jewish conspiracy theories".

By most accounts, the cooling of Trump's ardor for Bannon dates back to the start of the administration.

But Bannon's supporters say Kushner's importance doesn't erase Bannon's. The ADL noted the use of hashtags on Twitter like #firekushner, #kushnerswar and #Syriahoax, which began to appear a week ago.

Trump's comments about Bannon could show a policy shift in the White House.

"Some of the words being used to describe (the press)". But they would get over it, and faster than one might expect.

Trump's "lock her up" base ate it up.

Kushner, a globalist, has had the president's ear on matters of foreign policy. "I am certain he thought he would win", a source told NPR last summer.