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Autorretrato con flores y un colibrí... by Daniela M. Casalla

Autorretrato con flores y un colibrí... by Daniela M. Casalla

The idea of ​​time as a living being, even as a modifiable element, is capable of endowing it with human attributes. So much so that we treat the time as silly, absurd, useless.

In all the ways that it is treated at the time there is one that fascinates me: to deceive you.

All time lived depends on Our emotion, memory is memory attached to feeling, then how do I deceive time without deceiving myself? That time lives in me and I lived in it until I made it into memory.

STIMULUS AND ANSWERS by Arturo Acosta on Prezi
The Flycatcher The stimulus (the insect rubbing on the leaf hairs) and the response (the leaf close) are quite simple. The Bee The bee is very similar to the butterfly because seeing a flower with pollen transports it to another.

I imagine a wooden cabinet, full of drawers, like the one I have at home. In each drawer I keep a memory, there is no order, there is no alphabetical index. In one I have aromatic flowers, in other candles, in other objects that for some reason meant something in a moment, now everyone has acquired the dominant smell, if there is a metal object, maybe that rusty aroma permeates every piece and when I open some of These drawers transports me at the right time and perhaps with the person I was.

That box of drawers of the memory is at the entrance of my house ... or the exit and the interior furniture that I carry with me is also in bloom Of skin. Throughout the day, a clutter of images, smells, contacts, glances accumulate. They are still not sorted, they first float around for a moment and when the time comes, it sorts them out.

That moment between you and me, is not, because that moment I have not saved it, floats around , That, that has been one of the moments with which I deceived the time.