Thirteen Indians among terrorists killed in MOAB bombing

Trump unleashes American air power

Trump unleashes American air power

The recent action by the Trump administration to kill affiliates of Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan shows that the newly formed USA government really cares about the safety of the people who live in the region. Notably, the report said that locals were evacuated from the area before the bomb was dropped, indicating that the United States may have coordinated with the Afghanistan government before the bombing.

The report said that intelligence services in Tajikistan and India have confirmed the death of their citizens in the raid. There were claims that among the 13 Indians suspected to be killed, 5 were Keralites.

Last year, as a well thought-out conspiracy, 21 men, women and children from Kerala had left for Afghanistan via Iran to live in the IS-controlled territory.

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The report also identified two militants killed in the raid as Commander Mohammad, an Indian national and Geeta, an Indian national.

The bomb struck a cave and tunnel system said to be that of an ISIS Khorasan stronghold on April 13 at 7:32 p.m. local time. The security source also said that NIA officials were in touch with the families of ISIS members.