DIY Gingerbread House & amp; Birdhouse Nightlight Combo

Love this vintage bird dresser. She shows exactly how she painted it....step by step instruction. DIY

Love this vintage bird dresser. She shows exactly how she painted it....step by step instruction. DIY

I love this little DIY gingerbread house project for Christmas in July because it works now as a birdhouse and it works as a darling little flickering nightlight for Christmas. I plan to do a whole little bird city with all the houses Consumer Crafts has available (See them all HERE) . Would not it be fun to have a birdhouse painting party with a bunch of friends or neighborhood children?

It is a wonderful way to get out of the sun for a few minutes in summer AND help the birds out In your neighborhood. Did you know that there are some birds that nest in the summer and others who are in several seasons during the season? There are birds getting kicked out of their nesting spots all the time, just a little house for them is always welcome, and at worst, you will gain a resident chipmunk!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY gingerbread Step 2:

Step 2: Step 2:

Step 2:

Roof a separate color from your final roof color to give dimension. (See below.)

Step 3: Paint detail work. You can be a bit more sloppy since your main color will go on after the detail work. The main color slides under the icicles in this particular project, so doing them first makes sense!

Step 4: Paint and glitter the icicles on your DIY gingerbread house. I tried embossing powder for this project and the effect is a little more realistic than plain glitter. I used decoupage in an uneven coat (to mimic natural snowdrifts), sprinkled on embossing powder, then used a heat tool to "bubble" it.

I love how she worked with the slanted walls making the small aparment bedroom still feel there is a lot of space! And she was able to put away so many things and it looks beautiful. Check it out
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Step 5: Once the details Are complete, paint on your main color and seal if the DIY gingerbread house will stay outdoors or if you want a glossy look. I left it as is

Step 6: Add decorations like buttons, a tape washi tape and fun little evergreen trees!

Happy Christmas in July!

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