Instagram Gets Offline Mode for Android App

Instagram for Android now has offline mode                   By Ida Torres

Instagram for Android now has offline mode By Ida Torres

Instagram Stories which was launched a year ago is a Snapchat like feature that allows users to post photos and videos that stay only for 24 hours and then disappear. For all those who want to save posts can bookmark those posts. Reports say that people from NY are already able to get it to work on a phone running Android Nougat.

Now instead of seeing nothing but blank spaces when you're disconnected from the internet, users will be able to see photos on profiles that they've loaded before - as well as previously loaded photos in the newsfeed. All these functions will then be saved, and they will go through when the device connects to the internet.

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This announcement comes in the F8 event. Moreover, given a lot of countries, including India, doesn't rank up in terms of internet connectivity, Facebook or rather Instagram need to serve those with poor internet connections. As per the reports, 600 million users are outside of the U.S. so that company mainly targeted the users with limited connectivity. This feature offers you a complete offline interaction in your account but this does not mean you can completely access to your account without the internet. No, we are not talking about queuing up a photo at the top which is already there, this is more like an offline mode. First on Android, but eventually on iOS as well.

For now, there is no mention on whether Instagram Stories will work offline or not. So, while they're on solid ground in the US and beyond, there are plenty of people in other countries keen to use their apps and services. Moreover, over 600 million total Instagram users are uploading or checking out Stories.