Lawyers want Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction dismissed

Aaron Hernandez is arraigned in Attleboro District Court Wednesday

Aaron Hernandez is arraigned in Attleboro District Court Wednesday

According to ABC News, in addition to family members and his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, those in attendance at the funeral included twin NFL players Mike and Markice Pouncey and football player Brandon Spikes. Newsweek also reports that the synthetic marijuana K2 was found in Hernandez's system at the time of his death.

Hernandez was convicted and sentenced to life without possibility of parole on April 15, 2015. "He always was a believer in God and there are reports about him reading them with [his University of Florida coach] Urban Meyer in his house while he was in Florida".

Hernandez pleaded not guilty in the murder and maintained his innocence.

Aaron Hernandez's attorney says rumors the deceased NFL-star wrote letters to a gay lover are "unequivocally" false.

Hernandez, 27, was serving a life sentence for murder and was acquitted in two other killings just days before he hanged himself with a bed sheet attached to his cell window in the early morning hours of April 19. He is believed to be the final person to see Hernandez alive, before he hanged himself with a bedsheet in his single cell.

Subsequently, State Police did a thorough search of the entire Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center on Monday, looking the liquid marijuana, which can be smuggled into prison soaked into scraps of paper or letters.

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A MA judge reportedly ruled that the district attorney handling Hernandez's case, provide his family with copies of the notes that were uncovered next to the inmate's Bible in his cell, according to ESPN. The death was ruled a suicide Thursday by the state medical examiner.

At the funeral home, two men in suits checked IDs as guests drove up the driveway.

The family argues that Hernandez has already been found responsible for Lloyd's death and the only issue left is how much his mother, Ursula Ward, can recover in damages. He would often "ask questions about how people are doing in our family, how people's health was, how my health was..."

Larry Army Jr., the attorney for Kyle Kennedy, acknowledged in a statement that Hernandez wrote one of the letters to his fellow inmate.

According to ABC News, Paul Jarvey, the spokesperson for the district attorney's office, has also released three suicide notes to the family that Hernandez penned shortly before he committed suicide. Allegedly one of the notes is to a gay lover.