Совет Федерации заявляет о массовых обращениях украинцев за статусом беженца в РФ

Совет Федерации заявляет о массовых обращениях украинцев за статусом беженца в РФ

The history of this fascinating house had already been heard by fishermen from the area whose parents had been employed by the Dupont family before 1959. The mansion was built in the San Bernardino Peña and finished on December 30th. 1930, after the American millionaire of French origin Alfred Irenee Dupont bought 180 hectares of the Peninsula of Hicacos to the Spanish family original proprietor of those lands.This Dupont sold some plots to Cuban and Americans and constructed the Mansion Xanadú, call as well as a poem by Samuel Taylor, as a resting place for the winter months. For this, he brought from Santiago de Cuba precious woods such as mahogany, cedar, sabicú and jiquí for ceilings, doors, railings and columns, as well as Cuban, Italian and Spanish marbles for bathrooms. It also created a golf course on the ground in front of the house.

It must have been the first time I visited it in 1963, because it was already under control by the chaos government and was like a kind of a museum, but they had not yet opened the restaurant they made there from the visit of cosmonaut Valentina Tereskova. I remember clearly that room that has nothing to do with that sad space that only has one closet, 3 armchairs and 2 tables that can be seen in the previous photo. There was a magnificent formal hall game with all its pieces, sofas, consoles, ottomans, central table and side tables full of silver frames with portraits of the Dupont family of several generations, silver and silver ashtrays, humidifiers of tobaccos, books bound in leather and fresh flowers in exquisite vases everywhere. I have a vague impression that those seats in the previous image were part of another adjacent, slightly more informal room.

Pablo Reina Martinez

As time went by and at different times in my life, I continued bathing in the area, although I always avoided entering the house again, after I witnessed, years after years, the objects and furniture that they were disappearing and the spirit of desolation that was inhabiting it. However, during that last visit to Cuba in the late 1990s, and after the start of sadness that caused me to travel as a "foreigner", I went out on the terrace to shoot the previous photo, which should freeze in his image the landscape of many of my youthful memories.

But even that landscape was impossible to find: Where before there were endless peñones surrounded by wild vegetation and caletas grapes hiding small and intimate little girls, what I saw behind the viewfinder of my camera were ordinary hotels in the style of the most common of the resorts in the world. That unique landscape had been violated by the Castros and turned into a resort for foreign tourists. Not even the frightful transformation was for the good of the Cuban people.

To top it all off, searching for information about the house on the internet, I find pages like this, by which I find out that the Dupont house, as I always knew it, luxury six rooms, together with the exclusive golf course. Hotel and golf course, of course, of which Cubans can not enjoy being second class citizens in their own country, unless you leave the Island like a worm, and then return with dollars and forget about it, like a foreign tourist or a butterfly, to enjoy the paradise they call Cuba from where you had to flee.

And on the internet until I found this video.

Out of that was a good experience, plausible for all who are behind the All My Friends, valuable and necessary. We arrived early to Rosarito to have breakfast in the estancia, not the best, but the only one we know.