Avifauna - Asociacion Bogotana de OrnitologÃa - ABO

Avifauna - Asociacion Bogotana de OrnitologÃa - ABO

Avifauna - Asociacion Bogotana de OrnitologÃa - ABO

Pato Turrio - Oxyura jamaicensis

The Pato Turrio is a species of aquatic bird that is distributed in the American continent. Throughout North America and the Andes in South America. It can be observed in bodies of water especially associated with mirrors of water.

We usually find it in pairs or in large groups, they feed very early in the morning, where they are quite active, towards the middle of the morning they usually take long breaks hiding his head under the wing.

The blue-billed male, black head, white spots on the face and body rufous. The female is mainly brown, with the forehead darker.

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The Savanna of Bogota is a plateau located in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia between 2550 and 2600 meters above sea level, surrounded and furrowed by hills with heights between 2800 and 3900 meters, which separate it from the slopes of the mountain range towards the Magdalena River to the west and the Eastern Plains to the east. The region is naturally delimited as the upper basin of the Bogotá river and forms part of the Cundiboyacense Altiplano. Politically, the Savannah of Bogota belongs to the department of Cundinamarca and to the city of Bogota, Distrito Capital.

In the Savannah of Bogotá there is a wide variety of habitats for birds, these are: native forest, native scrub, subpáramo, forests and semi-arid zones, pastures and crops, wetlands, lakes and ponds and urban areas, among others. This great variety of ecosystems allows the presence of more than 200 species of resident and migratory birds.

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