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Hotel Villablanca Huatulco hermoso canto de las aves

Hotel Villablanca Huatulco hermoso canto de las aves

English: Singing bird box model # 11 by the reputed French house Bontems, circa 1890. Fitted with a going-barrel movement. The beautiful and delicately crafted full-bodied bird with spiral legs exhibits multi-colored layered feathered plumage with predominant tones of green and red complemented with also green, red, orange and blue iridescent hummingbird feathers, giving as a result a well-combined palette of colors They are dressed by hand so no two birds look exactly alike. The birds made by Bontems in this period are the most detailed and proportionate they ever made. It goes up and down, moving bone beak, wings and tailfeather to continuous realistic birdsong, rising through finely pierced and tooled gilt grille. Plain polished silver gilt matt finished lid interior, while the exterior shows a pair of hand-engraved birds, foliage and floral decoration framed by a plain oval border, in highly polished tortoiseshell case with a small hinged compartment to rear, matching gilt start / stop button to front-right. The top interior of the case has been shaved, getting a semi-transparent look with a rich variety of tones and shades of honey, brown and amber colors, which allows to see part of the mechanism in action. Measurements: 10 cm by 6.70 cm by 3.10 cm

English: Box of singing bird automaton model nº 11 manufactured by the French firm Bontems towards the year 1890.

The lame naturalist
At the exact point where the American mink had been set before them, they were playing for the second day in a row the gay otters. The deep wound which appeared in the head, perceptible to the naked eye, reinforced the hypothesis of death by shooting.

bird is dressed in South American hummingbird plumage with predominant colors in green and red complemented also with green, red, orange, yellow and blue iridescent, bone or ivory beak and spiral wire legs. These automata were ornamented by hand, so no two are exactly alike. The birds made by Bontems during this time are the most beautiful, detailed and proportionate they made.

Polished hawksbill snake-shaped box (with small compartment at the back), which shows in its upper part an oval medallion of golden silver representing a composition formed by a pair of birds (symbolizing fidelity ) and vegetal decoration with branches with leaves and flowers engraved by hand, all framed by an equally oval frame. Brass control lever located on the right front. The inner top of the box has been lowered in thickness, which allows to appreciate a whole series of shades and shades in amber and brown, even can be observed part of the machinery in operation. Taking into account that the turtle shell differs in each specimen and that the artisans worked each box individually giving different finishes, no two are identical.

Measures: 10 cm. long, by 6.70 cm. wide by 3.10 cm. high.