Luis Octavio Corvalán Politico

Biomes | ASU - Ask A Biologist
Do these groups seem to be different enough to be classified in a separate biome? Do not worry, there is no right or wrong answer. The natural world is more varied than we can imagine, and the separation of similar groups can help us better define what we see.

I tell you something personal. I do not know Europe. My car is 17 years old. This PC is 2010. The last time I bought a pair of sneakers was in April 2013. I work as anyone and when I can generate a surplus I buy some equipment for my factory or laboratory. I have good, expensive instruments, equipment to manufacture everything I need, I continue to invest everything I can to finish my new premises, generate added value, create 2 or 3 quality jobs, provide excellent services and products for large companies and in the free time study not to outdated myself in a specialty that progresses daily in the world. I have books, software, know-how to pull up. And when I can I give lectures, courses, conferences for colleagues, clients, students trying to spread what I could learn in 40 years of profession.
I propose to imagine what I feel when I see that the only hope of progress for this vile government seems to be coming from outside to invest. The rain of investments, the trips to Davos, to Spain, to USA, to the ass of the world to tempt entrepreneurs who come to invest. And me? And the thousands of SME entrepreneurs who do exactly the same as I do every day, thinking that this country can, with desire to produce, innovate, grow? Listen to this illustrious slut talk about attracting capitals from other parts while destroying what we have so effortfully built for years. I'm not a fan or a story. I live it daily. I oppose these criminals because I lack respect, myself and hundreds of thousands of hard-working entrepreneurs who sweat every day to invest in this country. Go with your foreign investments a little fuck, asshole. Trucho, thief, corrupt, ignorant, liar. Of course I say so.