Solutions Mazatlan Real Estate: Indoor plants that bloom all year round

| Editorial Metroscubicos

White, yellow or purple, large or small, fragrant, spectacular, discreet, durable or fleeting, indoor plants offer an inexhaustible catalog of flowers that bring color and joy to home decor.

Indoor plants with flowers bring color and are an excellent decorative element that will attract the eyes. When choosing an indoor plant for its flowers, it is advisable to have some points clear, for example, if we are interested in spectacular flowers, flowers that grow without needing complicated care, those that are fragrant or colorful or that are maintained a lot Time on the plant.

Many outdoor flower plants, including roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and miniature azaleas, can be taken indoors where, with the necessary water and light, they will remain In flower for a week or longer. But in the end, the flowers wither and the plants return to the outside or are discarded. However, some plants grow well all year round and bloom again and again.

Therefore, on this occasion we present some of the most interesting indoor plants with flowers on the market for Make your choice easier.

Anturio .- This exotic-looking plant features striking, long-lasting flowers. The flower is formed by a spathe, a species of leaf of a red color very alive, that grows around a small yellow spike, the proper flower, denominated espádice. If it is possible to keep the plant at constant temperatures between 21 and 27ºC, it will be kept with flower throughout the year. If not, you will keep the flowers for eight weeks in the summer.

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Kalanchoe .- This popular crass plant, easy to grow, produces numerous flowers that can be of different colors : White, yellow, orange, red or pink. It can be purchased with flowers throughout the year, as growers manipulate the photoperiod to flower outside its season. It is normal to plant flowers in winter, as long as we provide the care you need and place it in a bright place.

Afelandra This indoor plant is usually chosen As much by the color of its leaves as by the one of its flowers. It has beautiful large leaves, bright green, semirigid, with marked ribs of cream tone. It produces striking yellow flowers in the form of a trumpet that open between yellow bracts arranged in the shape of a fan. Although it is a demanding plant in terms of humidity, it has the advantage of growing quickly and tolerating somewhat shady environments. Flowering is usually from late spring to well into the summer and last for a couple of months.

Begonia .- This is a beautiful and popular plant that well deserves its fame for the beauty of its flowers. It has flowers of small size and varied colors: orange, pink, red, yellow. It can flower throughout the year and there are varieties for both indoor and outdoor.

Orchid .- The spectacular flowers of the butterfly orchid do not leave anyone indifferent. Despite their delicacy, these orchids do not require sophisticated care. Its flowers last a long time and there are some simple tricks to stimulate the production of new floral stems. With one of these orchids we will add a touch of distinction to the decoration of our home.

Felpilla or Cola de Gato .- Produces flowers similar to the aneas, long, hairy and Red color hanging from the ends of the branches. It grows best in full light and in very humid places; Is ideal for growing in the sunny window of a kitchen.

Bromelias. These are tubular and fleshy plants that produce tall spikes of dazzling flowers. There are many types to choose from, some with brightly colored foliage. They grow under bright but indirect light, on loose soil maintained on the dry side. Some are epiphytes (they grow naturally in the bark of the trees) and can be grown in pieces of wood, cork or dried branches.

Of Moses or Lily of Peace and is one of the plants of flowers of interiors more reliable. Its bright dark green leaves are crowned by beautiful flowers full of life with a strong tropical touch. Some varieties are small plants, others can reach a great height. The higher the plant, the larger the flowers. It blooms better under bright and indirect light but also develops well in low light.