With help from orangutan, former Longhorn Hassan Ridgeway announces Colts' draft selection

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After struggling in the draft over the past few years, the Colts chose to try something drastically different in 2017: They let an orangutan make their picks during the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Others weren't sold on the Colts' new strategy of letting an orangutan make their picks. He just "announced" their picks on air in what will likely go down as the most entertaining moment in television history. But nothing beats how the Indianapolis Colts made their picks.

During his time with the Trojans, Banner twice earned USC's Offensive Lineman of the Year Award along with two All-Pac-12 first team selections.

Ridgeway spent his Saturday at the Indianapolis Zoo, where he teamed up with an orangutan named Rocky to announce the Colts' fourth-round selection.

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"If we're going back to the zoo, I'm walking off the desk", Mayock said, according to NBC Sports. "I've about had the zoo, OK?"

The best part about this is that when the Colts picked again with the No. 143 and No. 144 picks for Marlon Mack and Grover Stewart, the orangutan came back!

That size made him an intriguing National Football League prospect, but also worked against him as teams wondered where he might fit at the next level being vulnerable to speed rushers off the edge at tackle but perhaps too big to play guard.