Ja Rule apologizes after botched Fyre Festival

The suit, filed Sunday in California, accuses festival organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland of fraud and seeks $100 million in damages for attendees who reportedly paid between $4,000 and $100,000 per person to attend the pricey event, ABC News reported Monday. All guests who attended are also promised free VIP passes for next year's Fyre Festival if everything comes out smoothly. Blink-182, Major Lazer, Migos, Tyga, and Disclosure were among the artists scheduled to perform, according to the festival's promotions. However, many discovered upon arrival that hardly any infrastructure was set up and the so-called villas and "modern, eco-friendly, geodesic domes" lacked plumbing, electricity, security, and staff. However, the New York Post reported that when guests arrived, they found what looked like a refugee camp: The accommodations were tents used in recent hurricane relief efforts, and the "gourmet food" was cheese and sliced bread with limp salad (that's if you got any).

"After speaking with our potential partners, we have made a decision to add more seasoned event experts to the 2018 Fyre Festival, which will take place at a United States beach venue".

They even attributed risk to the region's famous swimming pigs, a tourist attraction many visit the islands to see, describing them as "wild animals" which were seen "in and around festival grounds".

Next up for the Instagram-elite disaster known as Fyre Festival: a class-action lawsuit.

"So, we chose to literally attempt to build a city", the statement read.

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Despite everything going wrong with a music festival that offered neither music nor festival and instead is being sued for allegedly creating "a situation tantamount to false imprisonment", Fyre says it is going to have a festival next year, on a to-be-determined American beach.

But the festival went down in flames Friday before it even began, with social media users raging about bad treatment. We set up water and waste management, brought an ambulance from NY, and chartered 737 planes to shuttle our guests via 12 flights a day from MIAMI. They were excited, but then the roadblocks started popping up. The airport was jam packed. But that virtual veneer was pulled away when guests arrived.

"This outrageous failure to prepare, coupled with defendants" deliberate falsehoods in promoting the island "experience, ' demonstrates that the Fyre Festival was nothing more than a get-rich-quick scam from the very beginning", the lawsuit says. Fyre Festival issued out a statement last Thursday (April 27) regarding their huge blunder.

"Fyre Festival and its promoters recklessly stranded thousands of consumers in a festival [of] horror, and cost them thousands of dollars on travel, lodging, and time off from work", Ben Meiselas, an attorney at Geragos and Geragos law firm, alleged in a statement.