The Four Seasons in Spanish

In Spanish, the four seasons of the year are:

  • winter - winter
  • spring - summer
  • summer - summer (Another word for summer, summer , has mostly literary use.)
  • autumn - autumn or fall

The definite article usually used with the names of the seasons. In many cases, it is used where it is not in English:

  • Spring is the time of year when birth processes and growth manifest most clearly < / Em> (Spring is the time of the year in which the processes of birth and growth are most evident.)
  • Autumn seems overwhelmingly sad. do not like winters. Summer is getting near.
  • I do not have something to do during the winter. And the prepositions in and the prepositions in In summer we should take care of the hair with products designed for this season. () our hair with products designed for this season.)
  • Los Spring colors are very striking and beautiful. (Spring colors are very intense and pretty.)
  • Autumn was already in Paris. .

In some parts of the Spanish-speaking world, particularly in the tropics, two seasons are recognized: / em> - rainy season or wet season, which can also be called winter

Etymology of the Seasons' Names Summer

Winter and summer . There are also adjectival forms that are sometimes used: wintry , spring (summerlike), summery

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summer / p> Sample Sentences Referring to Seasons

Each spring, the more than 200 species of flowering plants in the park create a brilliant display. , The 200-plus species of flowered plants in the park create a brilliant display.)

Fall is a good time to visit Mexico.) (Fall is a good time for visiting Mexico.

The rainy season lasts in the interior of the country from May to October. >

How much will it cost to ski in Chile this winter? (How much will it cost to ski in Chile this winter?)

The risk of forest fires in the dry season exceeds this year.

Autumn in Japan is the most pleasant weather of the year (Autumn in Japan has the most pleasant weather of the year.) P>