Idiocracy Lives as Media Lies Americans Into More War

It is a sign of these sick and bizarre times in which the Obama regime and the state-corporate media continue to peddle their lies that according to a poll conducted by political scientists that "The less Americans know about Ukraine's location the more they want US to intervene "- you just can not make stuff like this up. CNN, the missing airplane network seemed to bear this out when during coverage of the East Ukraine referendum on Sunday one of their fancy graphic maps erroneously showed the location of Ukraine in Pakistan. Such a silly blunder would normally result in ridicule but at CNN it goes with the territory so far has the mean in this country descended into the morass of mental mediocrity that is the new normal for the American mind. It is as though we are in the early stages of becoming the society that was the subject of the classic cult comedy film Idiocracy.

The plot for Idiocracy features a U.S. Army dullard named Joe Bowers, a man of completely average intelligence and a prostitute named Rita who are the subjects of a secret US military hibernation experiment of what was to be of limited duration. Well of course things go awry and the officer in charge, is ensnared by a scandal bringing shame and a base closure and a much longer nap for Joe and Rita who sleep until they are freed from their test chambers during the great garbage avalanche of 2505 (Or contracted out to politically connected cronies under the guise of privatization), the commercialization of society has been completed with corporate Logos everywhere and characters that have been named after fast food items and commercial products like Dr. Lexus, Frito and Beef Supreme. I really know people who name their pets after corporate brand names so can current human babies really be far behind?

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Centuries of consumerism and way too much television have reduced the citizenry to the point of borderline retardation and the greatest advances in technology are huge multi-screened televisions that allow for multiple reality programs to be presented simultaneously while the viewer is ensconced on A huge plush chair sucking down goo from a tub while reveling in the delights of movies and tv shows the likes of "Ass", "Ow! My Balls "and the" Masturbation Channel ". Those three examples are the descendants of today's moronic programming like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Duck Dynasty and the explosion of potty humor as entertainment that have made the society dumb and dumber. Corporations like Starbucks now offer handjobs as an enticement to buy latte and Fuddruckers have become Buttfuckers - the corporate satire is hilarious as it is absent from the media and society today because the joke is on us all. The scene that takes place at St. God's Memorial Hospital with the health care system being reduced to a combination fast food joint / casino is down and out classic for those who think that Obamacare is as bad as it gets - just wait. / P>

Alas, life in The Homeland is not a movie and there is no happy ending to this ongoing nightmare.