Butterfly Garden

Beach Weddings are always amazing! This beach wedding was in Santa Barbara at the Four Seasons Resort where Kim Kardashian was married. Ronnie and Jessea married early in the morning alongside the oceanfront beach. The bride and groom prepared themselves in the suites near the Scala Garden. As the trolley drove up, our bride stepped off, and onto the beach to see her groom for the first time (they opted not to do the first look before the ceremony). Everyone applauded as they gave their vows to all to become husband and wife, very emotional and happy. Many family and friends joined in celebration as they danced together with hugs, laughs, and love. Toasts were given in the Loggia Ballroom. I was able to capture some images with the small amount of time we had with the bride and groom for their time. I had found this abandoned washed up boat along the shoreline of the four seasons resort. It looked pretty fresh, with muddy salt water inside of it. I asked the bride and groom if they could stand on the top of the boat for a few photos. I had done my research and saw the boat on any photographer's website, and I thought, what foolish photographer would not have photographed this boat with the bride and groom. It turns out, the boat had just washed ashore, and I was the only photographer to capture the boat with the bride and groom before they hauled it off. This photograph at the resort is truly unique. Congratulations to our newlyweds, Ronnie and Jesse.

Destination Wedding Photographer: Charleton Churchill Photography

Wedding Ceremony: Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore, Wedding Reception: Montecito Biltmore Grand Room, Montecito, CA.

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Catering: Santa Barbara Four Season's Catering, Montecito, CA.

DJ: Mark Eddie

Wedding Consultant: Akiko Suzuki

Hair: Montecito Salon by Elana Cantrelle