Saturday Night Live season 42 episode 19 Chris Pine recap



Tricked you, didn't he? Would you like to see Pine's Wonder Woman co-star Gal Gadot drop by to join him for a skit? "You know I'm a Vulcan, but I'm very direct sometimes".

Highlights included the unexpected, self-aware opening monologue, the greatness of the visual gag of Vanessa Bayer as the handmaid who had her eye removed, Leslie Jones teasing Colin Jost, that awkward and hilarious Morning Joe send up, the return (sort of) of Kellyanne Conway, and Chris Pine trying to vogue.

We run through the best and worst sketches of the Chris Pine hosted Saturday Night Live after the jump.

Jones snaps a selfie, then yells "Thank you, Thor!". In 2009, Pine and Zachary Quinto appeared on Weekend Update to address Star Trek fans who were disappointed by the reboot (or, as is technically accurate, the alternate reality sequel). There's Parks and Recreation doofus and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2.

There are SO many hot guys in Hollywood named Chris. "Will you bring out the poster I shipped in?"

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The first was a spectacular one-handed dive to stop a curling shot from Rashford from going into the top corner in the 20th. On the second leg, Berizzo added: "We are going to play a game having learned what happened tonight".

For the second episode in a row, SNL mostly stayed away from political sketches and Pine handled himself pretty well through a somewhat amusing collection of sketches.

"I'm Chris Pine", Pine corrected.

"I'm not that Chris, I look just like him, but I'm not that Chris". Pine then broke into song, using "Uptown Girl" to explain the difficulty of often being confused with these others men. When the maids inform them of their highly troubling predicament - society has stripped them of all their rights - the guys respond with something like, "I think I read something about that... but I've been super busy with work lately".

"I'm not that Chris". It also doesn't include DC Comics, which owns the equally white male-dominated Superman and Batman franchises - but which in June will finally release "Wonder Woman", starring Gal Gadot in the title superheroine role.