Apple's market cap crosses $800 bn for first time

Apple's market cap crosses $800 bn for first time

Apple's market cap crosses $800 bn for first time

The latest round of iPhone 8 rumours claim Apple's next smartphone will come with a free pair of wireless AirPod earphones. However thanks to a report from JPMorgan analysts, some additional details have surfaced which revealed that the upcoming handset from Apple could be sporting an "enhanced earpiece".

Alongside these reports, we've also been hearing that Apple's run into supply constraints for the iPhone.

As for iPhone 8, reports have hinted at a number of possibilities regarding the iOS device's delayed launch, a limited release, and production difficulties especially in some of the break-through technology like the embedded touch ID OLED display. Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ earlier this year, with unbelievable displays.

Having said that, there's no telling when in October the iPhone 8 might be released. According to preliminary data, the screen size is 5.8 inch, straight into it will embed the fingerprint scanner. Camera-wise, it will sport a dual camera setup and a 3D camera on the front.

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The highly anticipated iPhone 8 continues to sink a lot of ink.

Speaking of the current lineup, JP Morgan believes Apple will replace the current handsets with an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus duo.

The reason the rumor may not hold up is that AirPods are still a success among consumers - just four months after their release, Apple CEO Tim Cook deemed them "a runaway success". As 9to5Mac reported, JPMorgan thinks the iPhone 8 will still have bezels albeit slimmer at the top and bottom of the screen though the home button will be integrated into the display. More importantly, the iPhone 8 will bring on-board, the technology of the OLED display for the first time in iPhones.

While Apple (aapl) hasn't confirmed it is working on a new iPhone-let alone one with a major update-that hasn't stopped reports from suggesting the device is coming later this year. Though a delay would be regrettable, pushing out availability of the device by a month or two to have a much better product in the market for the next year would, in my view, be the better choice.