Feng Shui is Wind and Water

Feng Shui is Wind and Water

Feng Shui is Wind and Water

Everyone in Mexico, and many analysts in other countries, know that what is played this June 4, 2017 is more than the election of Governor of the State of Mexico.

With an economy and size superior to several countries of Central America together, and with the greater electorate of the country, the gifts and budget that receives this state are numerous. It is also the home state of Grupo Atlacomulco, the PRI bed of many former presidents and the current president, Enrique Peña. The PRI candidate is a grandson and son of former governors of the same name. They are doing everything to win the election, from buying votes, obvious, to threats, blackmail, etc.

But just like Lopez Obrador's Morena party, which is giving them the battle, is also resorting to all practices, dirty and not dirty, to win the election in favor of his candidate, Delfina Gomez, Who recently was singled out for having deducted for several months from his "x" salary money in contributions to his employees when he was Municipal President in Texcoco.

We all know that the one who really is behind moving all the threads and in campaign for Morena is the "Peje", leader of the party, and candidate twice, and next year, three times, to the presidency of the Republic.

All the polls show them almost tied, sometimes Del Mazo forward by one or two points, sometimes Delfina Gómez. The other candidates, Juan Zepeda of the PRD, whom I personally consider the best prepared, and Josefina Vázquez Mota del PAN, are behind, although Juan has grown in recent weeks and I would love to surprise and win!

The date of birth of Delfina Gómez is November 15, 1962. Her letter is the following (time is invented):

It is a YIN Fire for Master of the Day and requires Wood and Fire. He has a clash between his day's Snake and his month's Pig. In addition it is in a period of luck Serpent that also collides with the Pig. The Tiger of the year has a mirror combination with the Pig - it means they are distracted. The Pig is the father, in this case, it would be López Obrador, his political father. The year 2017 is Gallo and gets along with his two Serpents, are best friends. This helps a lot, to have the energy of the year 2017 in favor. Being in June the elections, which is summer, and being fire, benefits him as it requires fire, but also this depletes the Pig of the month that is Water and supports his Serpents who earn the game to the Pig. The Tiger in turn is also benefited by the fire.

Let's see Del Mazo's letter. He was born on December 5, 1975. His letter BaZi is:

Alfredo Del Mazo is YIN Wood for Master of the Day, and was born in winter. Requires Wood and Fire. It is curious to see how both were born in Pig month which is Water and require Fire which is politics.

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He has a very strong point against. The year is Rooster and collides frontally with its main sign that is Rabbit. This is his image, his heritage, his relationship with ancestors and his relationship with authorities - the PRI, the president, etc. This is compromised and at risk. It also has a Rooster on the pillar of the day. This forms a relation called own penalty with the Rooster of the 2017 - Rooster vs. Rooster. Much internal conflict brings.

Let's see Morena's letter:

It is Horse by year. It is in a Goat period (it has almost three years of creation), and for that reason it appears in the column of 0-9 years. This Goat is allied with the Horse, the Goat and the Serpent of its fixed letter, but it is not so friendly with the Rooster of the year 2017.

Now let's see the PRI letter:

It has its own penalty installed in its letter that form Mono-Tiger-Serpent. Although the year is Rooster who loves the Serpent. It is in a period Horse that gets along well with his Tiger and Snake. It is a spring-born Earth and requires a lot of Fire. The month of June benefits you.

On the day of the election, the letter BaZi of the day is:

Define Gómez, thanks to the Gallo's relationship with the two Snakes he has in his Card has high odds of winning.

On June 4, it is Dog, who is Tiger's best friend, the main sign of Delfina Gómez, and also together form a triangular semicombination Fire, which closes itself 11 am to 1 pm - hour Horse - complete combination of Fire.

The Rooster of 2017 is Metal YIN and Delfina Gómez is Fire YIN for Master of the Day. Metal is his wealth and she goes for it, although it is inappropriate wealth - will not make good use of it, sadly.

The PRI has the year in favor but the Del Mazo candidate is not so much. It was not good for them to have opted for Del Mazo.