If this bird leaves us is a good place to rest .... - Picture of Garganta del Diablo, Puerto Iguazu - TripAdvisor

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This wonder of nature allows the observation of one of the most unique landscapes in the World; Constituted by the upper Iguazu River and the Subtropical Forest, which frames the incredible Devil's Throat balcony. Three ring-shaped balconies allow a special view of the colossal "throat", the culmination of the journey: a giant horseshoe-shaped waterfall 150 meters / 492 feet long, and 80 meters / 262 feet high. Here the water falls with such potency that it dense clouds of steam as it pours into the river below. From here you can experience such wonderful sensations, offering you amazing and unforgettable moments: - Just listening to the roar of the waterfalls - Feeling the vapor of waterfalls - Appreciating the rainbows that form among the clouds of water and rays of the sun - Admiring the Contrasts of colors between the green forest and the blue sky, or the white color of the water foam and the red soil. - A unique spectacle is offered by the "swans" - birds unique to the Iguazu Falls that swoop down along the falls, as if they wanted to be confused with the curtains of water.This fabulous place is located 2080 m / 1 mile from the Devil's Station. You arrive by the Ecological Jungle Train, 5 km / 3miles from the Central Station. The Iguazu National Park Waterfalls Area has assorted activities. Along the upper and lower walkways you will be able to admire between 160 and 275 falls, the Devil's Throat being the most impressive one.