The Weight of Love (EP) | Casita de Salvajes

Track Name: Buried Live Fires in the street poison in the air
Countless men drowning in the blood
Flowing like the sea from the bottom of solitude

The tomb in my dreams that bears my name
The epitaph says "I'm finally home"
I never come back, I never cry anymore

Buried alive, two meters underground
I'll carry it with me, what's good and what Bad
The weight of love I never felt

Shadows in the night are souls without bodies
They are always looking for a wall to stay
They stop waiting when dawn arrives

Track Name: A Signal There's nothing else I can do
I'm again without your loving
If you're still wrong
You know I feel the same

Maybe it's a sign
it's working and we follow
If you're not going to bank me
You have to tell me love

We were something special
We had the essentials
To face loneliness
From a comfort of intimacy

Now what do I do with my pain?
I'm going to ask a doctor
Let me fix my heart
And recover my reason

Track Name: De Cabeza Save me from this feeling
You've mistreated me, deceived
Despised My life

Amame is for once only
Do not turn around with your love
That the door of my heart has already opened

One year already fulfilled
I was there to get in < When I need you, it's your body that solves everything.

Tell me what's gone. What made you. go running
Indifferent as it would not have happened

Track Name: Fruit Sun The sun is a fruit, a fruit well orange
That comes to amanacer
The sun is a fruit, a fruit that me Like
Made to enjoy

The moon is a mother, a luminous mother
Arriving at dusk
The moon is a mother, a mother who cares for me
I'll never forget

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.

When they told me that life is not so simple
And that sometimes you're going to fail
When I realized that there would be reason
And that love can end
I had you In my hand
I had you tight

Track Name: White Bird The white bird Came under the moon He lay down Last night in my garden

Today I wake up
The southern cold came
It remains Alli
Immobile, lifeless

I do not go away
Evil is inside of me
I enter no more
Without warning almost

They say That's a matter of faith
Something beyond what you see

God, you tell me
What is there to do?
Praying to you
Waiting for the dawn

That silence
Once I felt it
It makes you see
That this is everything to the end

Track Name: Signs of the Times To see the future you must be frozen When you melt your truth as it will be

There is no choice but to pray for a thousand hours without stopping
The god that does not see

Because you'll never know
If the sun is controlled
By clouds or our faith
And read the signs of the times
There are blizzards in the fields
And dead in the streets

So you put the blood
In the well of life
You face the fear
Because one day it will come
And it will consume you
Sooner than you think
Y read the signs of the times
There are blizzards in the fields
And dead in the streets