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Sara's Conga

Sara's Conga

Brabejum stellatifolium - WikiVisually
Wherever the lateral branches are cut, more branches will grow from below the cut, so that it forms easily on a good screen. They prefer moist areas, and they usually occur near streams in protected valleys and on the slopes of the lower mountains.

Just a spritz of water here and there and succulents take care of themselves. These artistic sculptures use wireframes and other methods to keep succulents in place.

Succulent Topiary , created by Pat Hammer, Director of Operations of the San Diego Botanical Garden. Image © Inspiration Green. "Succulent People" with clay faces and a bit of metal armature at the San Diego Botanical Garden. Image © Inspiration Green.

The large mushroom is 19 "tall, planted with a variety of hardy succulents. It is a unique piece of living garden art. Very easy to care for. Wooden base included. Winter care instructions included.

This turtle is planted with at least 10 succulent varieties on a moss-filled topiary frame. The dimensions are 15 "L (head to tail), 7" W and 8 "H. Succulent Frog. They are stuffed full of succulents which, of course, are drought tolerant and easy to care for-just a short soak every couple of weeks and some bright filtered sunlight. Succulent Wall Art DIY: Succulent topiaries flanking the front door. Home of Hannah Kully. Topiaries by California Cactus Center, Pasadena. How To Make Succulent Wall Art
Small frame -
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Small frame:
Wall panel & amp; Wreath Kits: How To Make Succulent Wreaths How To Make Wire Frames How To Make Pockets A combination of horticulture and sculpture, this garden is a topiary interpretation of Georges Seurat's landscape painting: A Sunday on the Island of La Grand Jatte . The topiary figures include 54 people, eight boats, three dogs, a monkey and a cat. The largest character is 12 feet tall. Photo by londonboy19,