The Casa Ceibo Boutique Hotel and Spa best documents bird watching

CARAQUEZ BAY, Ecuador, Dec. 8, 2011 / PRNewswire / - It's time for birding professionals to "gather and re-board" to Caraquez Bay, the best-kept secret on the planet for ornithologists.

One of the most biodiverse sites in the world, the Ecuadorian city of Bahía de Caraquez, is also a luxury tourist destination and home to a new publication titled "Pájaros de Bahía de Caraquez". This impressive 24-page field guide was presented in Quito during a celebration of the same and a recognition to its sponsors and its publisher, the Boutique Hotel and Spa Casa Ceibo. "The Birds of Bahia de Caraquez" is a truly original publication featuring hundreds of native or foreign birds that populate this coastal region of Ecuador, "says Daniel Jacome, co-owner of Casa Ceibo along with Charles Van Diver, of Destin, Florida. "We look forward to seeing the end product, which thanks to our sponsors and followers, is now available exclusively to Casa Ceibo guests who sign up for our professional bird watching tours and packages."

The presentation at the Swissotel in Quito was part of the launch of a campaign to promote Bahia de Caraquez as the most recent tourist attraction. It also coincided with the fact that Casa Ceibo received the 2011 Five Star Green Diamond Award for the second consecutive year, an honor bestowed by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS). Casa Ceibo is the only South American company to have received this prestigious award, which was presented by Karen Dixon, AAHS International General Manager. The award recognizes the hotel's five-star category and its commitment to environmental initiatives, including the "Pájaros de Bahía de Caraquez" guide project.

The book has received support in Ecuador and other key areas worldwide. Indeed, the United Kingdom's Ambassador to Ecuador, Linda Cross, gave a speech during the celebration of the book and the Five Star Green Diamond Award. In addition to the "Get Green" program from the UK Embassy, ​​Ecuadorian Tours, Conservation and Development / Smart Voyager, the Municipality of Sucre and the Mayor of Bahia, Carlos Gustavo Mendoza Rodríguez also sponsor the guide.

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SOURCE Casa Ceibo

SOURCE Casa Ceibo

SOURCE Casa Ceibo

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