Phot credit Eduardo Aguirre

Phot credit Eduardo Aguirre

When a hummingbird appears in a garden, we come to expect that the souls of those we love are well.

We call PICAFLOR, many other hummingbird.

On my terrace I used to appear and my mom shouted ¡carta! ... letter ...!

My grandmother said ¡¡warning ... !! notice …! And ma sent an urgent

prepare a cup with water and lots of sugar, which they say

is what he likes to drink.

In the midst of that uproar , Always in love I thought

- Now I'm going to see ...! Perhaps saw, maybe not ... but

Who can stop this "storm of feelings"?

It tells a Guarani legend, that death is not the end of life, for man, dying, leaving the body on earth but the soul continues its existence.

the legend says that the soul emerges and flies to hide in a flower waiting a magical being.

so it is when the "mainimbú" (Guarani name Hummingbird) appears and collects the souls from flowers, to guide them lovingly to Paradise. This is why it flies from flower to flower.

Formerly it was believed that the hummingbird came from a fairy country and who today has the pleasure of contemplating it, will not be far from opining the same thing. P>

The Colibrí inhabits throughout America but especially in tropical areas. There are different species: the sunsun of Cuba does not reach 5 centimeters in length and is the smallest bird known.

The nest is tiny as its owner: it is the size of a walnut. When it flies, its wings vibrate at an incredible speed and it is impossible to distinguish them. While absorbing the nectar it seems as if your body is suspended in the air.

If you see it, be happy, because it is said that when a hummingbird or hummingbird approaches a house, it is a sign that there will be Grateful visits and a soul will be lovingly guided to Paradise.

I want to count until I'm out of breath

I want to anoint myself with magic and get drunk on dreams ...

On the banks of a gentle stream

There is a scented forest

Feel how it smells ...

Love has taken shelter in two tender hearts FLOW and ALI

The freshness of the forest licks their hearts

And they love each other, they kiss, they discover themselves

In secret . Hidden

do not go find them!

File: Throne of King William II of the Netherlands (1838) .jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Nederlands: Troon van Koning Willem II der Nederlanden, gemaakt van palissanderhout met notenhout en bekleed met rood fluweel. Deutsch: Thron des König Willem II der Niederlande , von Rosenholz mit Nussbaum und mit rotem Samt ausgekleidet.

Your tribes are enemies.

They say that one day the sky roars Of water

cover whole paths.

Flower, the beautiful brunette was blown away by the wind

No one can find her. Beloved goes to Tupá

creator of light and the universe.

-Help me that without it

I will never be able to live! The moon, compassionate

tells the true truth

-Your beloved is now a flower.

Before the lunar astonishment

A little hummingbird

A beautiful hummingbird in a beautiful bird. ! The sweetness

is invading it ...

it pours in dim light.

sad spends its days kissing flower lips


Looking for a ... a single ...

the one she loves so much.

They say she's still looking for her.

Do not let your cry go away

Listen ...! Feel how it hurts ...!