Mental Health Awareness Week - Combatting stress in the workplace

With approximately a quarter of people in the United Kingdom likely to experience a mental health issue each year, and stress being a leading cause of workplace absence, Mental Health Awareness Week draws the attention of employers on how their policies, measures and actions are either helping or hindering the mental health issues of their staff.

Despite all of the above, work is seen as a key factor in supporting and protecting mental health: 86% of Added Valuerespondents believe being at work is important to their mental health.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and across the City workers are being encouraged to wear a Green Ribbon as part of the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

If you spend your days worrying about things, write your concerns down so you understand what is making you anxious.

Employers are being urged to revise workplace policies regarding mental health in the workplace to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

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Breathing Space is a confidential phoneline for anyone in Scotland feeling low, anxious or depressed. Millions of people are still suffering and millions more will begin to suffer.

"Mental Health First Aid training teaches you how to recognise the early signs of a mental health problem, develop the knowledge to help those in distress and have an accurate understanding of mental health issues".

A SURVEY of the state of mental health in the United Kingdom suggests that two thirds of the population have experienced mental-health problems. No issue is too big or too small and everything effects everyone in different ways, it's what makes us all individually unique. That is why they will sometimes say things like, 'Look on the bright side, ' 'You need a good kick up the backside!' or 'You're a Christian - you should be joyful.' It is easier to be patient and kind when you have some insight. Charities like Mind and Beat have loads of resources, while Centre for Mental Health has schemes in place working directly with certain groups (such as young black men, people in prison and so on) to improve mental health care and advocacy.

Mental health services in the United Kingdom are overstretched, have long waiting times and, in some regions, lack specialist services. We share experiences on a weekly basis, and yes, majority are terrible, but I don't really think that matters. It's in naming and wearing the uncomfortable badges of anxiety, depression and addiction that we take the first step towards fully accepting mental illness as an important part of our collective identity. Their goal is to help individuals achieve recovery.

"Access to care is the single biggest issue that Oklahoma faces regarding mental health and substance abuse treatment", Brooke said. I didn't interact with people, and came across as rude (Sarah later told me that she had to apologise for my behaviour a few times when her parents visited).