Brazil's Haiku / Senryu

Brazil's Haiku / Senryu

Brazil's Haiku / Senryu

The dream school

Once upon a time, in a small city, there was a little boy named Henrique. He was very shy, but a smart child, and his secret dream was being one more kid in the kindergarten near his home.

I have dreamed of studying, I have wanted to learn quickly all the things of the world.

Brazil's Haiku / Senryu

And the long-awaited day arrived ... He was nervous. His mom helped him in the bath and chose a pretty outfit for his debut. His mother took him to carry out his secret dream. The path was the same as his older brother had read to him from a marvelous book, full of dangers, with faboulous monsters every new step ... They took forever to get to the castle, sorry, to The kindergarten gate.

His mother hugged him, kissed him on the forehead and said: "Go, my son, you will be happy here!"

Where's the seesaw?

First day of school, a child looks in the park

Where, he goes up and down?

L'enfant à l'école,
il regarde la Plaine de jeux -
Où est le tap-cul?

Child at school, looking at the playground

Where is the seesaw?

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