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TOP BEST LOGOS Onlinedesign Rosales Placido, Benyi. Guzman Guillen, Kimberly. Infanzon Sauñe, Leslie. Avalos Arboleda, Angie. Flowers Padilla, Juan. Julca Luna, Carlos. Arroyo Ayala, Daniel. Members: Magic Coffee DC Comics Eight Author: Creative Agency "Stylo Design" located in Covent Garden, London. Author: American Comics Publisher DC Comics Barcode Illusionz Turn Illusoria Author: Creadictos Logo de LG Author: Home Appliances Company LG VAIO Logo Author: Computer Manufacturer VAIO Corporation. JCK Author: JCK Gardening Company. Ultimatennis Revolver City Security Author: CityCliq Author: American multinational technology company Apple. Apple Logo Author: American e-commerce company Amazon. Logo of the Amazon Library Lovers Art Auction Logo of the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium Spartan Golf Club Conclusion The customer should not be carried away by the trends when evaluating a product.
Logos with the greatest creative merit are not carried away by fashion. The best logos?

How to wear Dr. Martens boots? - FASHION LIST
Remember that these are not pants, adds a nice jacket or cardigan is just a matter of impressing your personality in that outfit. The easiest way to combine this type of boots is with long pants or skinny jeans since they are perfect.