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I learned quickly to know the flower better. In my life there had always been very simple flowers, adorned with a single row of petals, appeared one morning among the grass and then extinguished at night, but that one had germinated one day from a seed of I do not know where. This seed grew like a bush, soon ceased to grow and began to make a flower, when I attended the formation of a giant cocoon, I felt that a miraculous appearance would emerge, but, the coat of his green camera, the flower did not end to prepare beautification.

I carefully chose their colors. He dressed slowly and adjusted his petals one by one. I did not want to get out of wrinkles like poppies. He wanted to appear with the full radiance of his beauty. Oh yes, it was very coquettish and behold, one morning, exactly at sunrise, he showed himself. And the flower, which had worked so accurately, said in the midst of a yawn, "I just woke up, I'm sorry I'm still disheveled. Then I could not contain my admiration. You're beautiful! True? The flower answered gently, and I was born at the same time as the sun. I realized I was not too modest, but it was so touching! I think it's breakfast time, added the flower, Would you be so kind as to remember me? Confused, having gone to look for a watering can of fresh water, I served the flower. That is why I torment myself very soon with his vanity a little somber.

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Mine perfumed my surroundings, but I could not enjoy it. I could not understand anything, so I should have judged her by her actions and not by her words. It perfumed and illuminated me. I should never have run away! I should have guessed his tenderness behind his poor cunning. The flowers are so contradictory. But I'm too young to know how to love her! When I regained the flower for the last time and arranged to shelter it from its balloon, I discovered that I wanted to weep. Goodbye I repeated, the flower did not answer me, goodbye I repeated. The flower coughed, but it was not because of the cold. I've been a fool, she told me at last. I beg your pardon, try to be happy, be surprised by the absence of reproaches. I stood there, bewildered, with the balloon in my hand. I did not understand that calm meekness. But if I love you, said the flower. You did not know anything, because of me. It's not important. But you've been as stupid as me. Leave the globe in peace. I do not want it anymore. But the wind, I'm not so cold to use it, the cool night air will do me good I'm a flower. But the animals can hurt you, I must support two or three caterpillars if I want to know the butterflies. It seems that it is so beautiful, if not who will visit me? You will be far away, as for the rest of the big animals, I do not fear them, I have my great claws to defend myself. And he naively showed his thorns.

To be continued ...