How the All-NBA teams will affect numerous league's stars

Image courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Image courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Growing up as a big fan of the Lakers, and always dreaming of playing for the team he cheered for as a youngster, George has long been linked to the Lakers. Other teams can only offer George a maximum of four years at roughly $130 million. Also, Jordan Clarkson is only through one year of his four-year $50 million contract, and LA is on the hook for paying the new no. 2 pick, should they decide not to trade the pick.

IN was seemingly dealt a major blow Thursday in terms of its chances of signing George to a long-term deal.

With George not qualifying for this extension this season, it is more likely that he will be traded during the offseason since the Pacers can not offer him that extra $75 million unless he makes an All-NBA team next season.

Whether or not this new wrinkle means that players who do not get selected to All-NBA teams will be more likely to be traded, or allowed to walk, is yet to be determined.

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Even though he wasn't named to an All-NBA team, George is still arguably a top 15 player in the NBA. Had he made the list, the Pacers would have been able to offer George the extension immediately, and if the forward passed on the bloated contract, one would imagine IN would have no reason to wait on a trade.

According to a recent report by Sam Amick for USA Today, should the Indiana Pacers can't turn their franchise into a playoff contender then George will released for L.A in 2018 National Basketball Association season. That they have the second overall pick in this year's draft, and could choose a dynamic player with it does too. He added 6.6 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.6 steals for a Pacers team that finished the year 42-40. In 75 games this season, George averaged 23.7 points per game and shot over 46 percent from the floor.

George hasn't shied away from the Lakers and Celtics rumors, but this offseason, his desire to leave IN isn't the only factor that's going to grant him a trade to one of these two teams.If the teams don't offer the necessary amount of assets for George, the Pacers could easily turn down the offers just like they reportedly did for four Hawks first-round picks early this season.

There's already plenty of speculation on Twitter from the media that think because of George not making an All-NBA team this season, his bags are mentally packed and on their way to a condo in L.A. Analysts believed the two sides were a ideal fit for one another because Boston is a team full of tradeable assets, but are also perhaps one star wing player away from contending with Cleveland in the playoffs.

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports that the Lakers have a strong belief that they will land George in 2018, whether he is traded next year or not. If Paul George is going to go there he wants them to have assets.