Trump could end up with more than 1 million jobs

Trump could end up with more than 1 million jobs

Trump could end up with more than 1 million jobs

Experts believe that if Donald Trump makes his campaign promise a reality, it would be an opportunity for Mexico to grow inward and position itself in Latin America. (GM)

US President-elect Donald Trump promised during his campaign that he would prevent the automotive industry from making his country "as easy" as he said he wanted to create a 10-35% But this scenario is not as likely for César Roy Ocotitla, an automotive analyst, as the Big Three or General Motors, Ford and Chrysler said, make up the third economic power in the United States only behind the oil and technology sector, and such a decision will affect them in Mexico.

However, if this fact were consummated, Ocotitla believes it would be a great opportunity for Mexico "to grow inwardly and look to the market in Latin America" ​​for the facilities it provides within the low price of its workforce.

Mexico is currently the fourth exporter of automobiles globally and "The Big Three" gene more jobs in the Aztec country than in the United States, which means that if they close their operations in Mexico, more than one million jobs between direct and indirect jobs that are key to Mexico's economic growth would be canceled. >

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According to the Ministry of Economy, this industry contributes 3.2% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 18.3% of the GDP of the manufacturing industry.

Of the 32 automotive plants installed in Mexico, ten are US brands, the rest are from Nissan, a star in that country, Honda, Mazda, Kia, Toyota and Volkswagen.

The investment came to Mexico through the Free Trade Agreement and because US companies earn more in Mexico because it costs less to move cars from here and the cost of producing a car is lower for cheap labor: USD $ 1.50 an hour against USD $ 17.00 paid in the United States, then if Donald Trump decides that the cars are manufactured in the United States and from there they are exported, the value of a car will rise in that proportion. " Source: However