China's Xi says willing to help end rift with South Korea

China's Xi says willing to help end rift with South Korea

China's Xi says willing to help end rift with South Korea

The South Korean leader had pledged to review the hasty deployment of THAAD at a golf course in central South Korea.

Trump has to deal with the unexpected election of a new leader in South Korea, President Moon Jae-un, a respected left-of-centre politician who states he wants to ease the tense relations with North Korea, including the current alarm caused by North Korea's missile tests.

China wants to put ties with South Korea back on a "normal track", President Xi Jinping said on Friday, but Beijing also urged Seoul to respect its concerns and resolve tensions over the deployment of a USA anti-missile system that it opposes.

The meetings follow a telephone conversation between the two presidents last week in which Moon expressed awareness of China's concerns about the installation of a US missile shield in South Korea. Still, some say Korean cultural content may not be as popular in China as before, with Beijing making moves to protect its own content industry.

In an apparent fence-mending move, South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In dispatched his envoy Lee Hae-Chan to China after his election victory last week.

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China for its part has been infuriated by the USA deployment of an advanced Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea, saying it was a threat to its security and would do nothing to ease tension with Pyongyang.

Chung told Reuters earlier that although the alliance of USA and South Korea is crucial, the process to deploy United States anti-missile system THAAD should be reviewed under Moon's government.

Chinese official media quoted Xi as saying China is committed to resolving any issues through dialogue and coordination.

South Korea has complained that some of is companies doing business in China have faced discrimination in retaliation for the system's deployment.

With these positive signs, the Korea Tourism Organization as well as regional governments are planning to hold familiarization tours for Chinese organizations to prepare for possible group tours in the future. But he stressed that South Korea should not expect its relations with China to enjoy momentum if it doesn't come up with a specific plan to resolve the THAAD issue. "Shortly after that, [South Korea and the US] announced the THAAD deployment without any explanation to China ahead of time", a source acquainted with the special envoys' activities told a Hankyoreh reporter on May 20.