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Imagen titulada Rake Leaves Step 1

Imagen titulada Rake Leaves Step 1

Would you like to know how to make a vertical garden or orchard with DIY pallets ? Do you get upset every time you see a abandoned pallet?

Thursday evening, day of collection of old junk in the neighborhood. Next to the house is an air conditioning installation company that pulls pallets every week (and surely there are also some that do it). For them it is a residue but for you and for me it can be the perfect raw material. The same thing is used to make a chillout, that to finish tuning a little table or megamotivarte with a customized urban garden.

This project is one of the DIY workshops that I will give on the DIY Show with Bricor friends. Moérome of wanting to invade Madrid with vertical gardens so until the date arrives, here is an advance in the form of tutorial :)

You will need several things that surely ya got, do not panic! Ruler, brush, any type of rope, three sherds, drill and drill for wood of 8, caliper and saw for wood, a boli, a ring of steel or a carabiner, a cup with water, black dye for wood to the water (aniline ), body tape, wood sandpaper and a pallet.

Start by sawing three equal squares. Depending on the type of pallet your slats can do between 10 and 12cms wide, keep it in mind when you go fishing because it will affect the dimensions of these squares.

Then attach them with body tape, and create a hole in each corner by drilling the three squares at once.

Imagen titulada Rake Leaves Step 4

Time to saw or empty a circle within each square. You can do it with the caliper, inserting it in a hole previously drilled to be able to put the saw, or with a drill of glass. Up to you though care with these hands if you set yourself down by the glass drill please.

We continue! Cut 2 strands about 2m long, pass through the ring as seen in the images and apply with a macramé flat knot . Do not know how to do it? Well, go here first:) Pass the ropes through the pieces of wood you had created, fixing them with knots so they do not move. You will have a fistro as well.

Prepare your pots with lettuces, monkey plants, radishes or whatever ...

And fall in love with your freshly bred vertical garden or garden with pallets :) p>

At home we have it hanging from the balcony railing and it is so luxurious that I am thinking of doing a few more. That of watering only the top plant and that the water that overtake the two below is very very well!

And you, did you fall already in the sect of the pallet? If so, I recommend that you go through the wikipedia of the pallet and if not, you are late !!! You can see more ideas about hanging gardens here, here and here.

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