Showcase of Citrus: Animals, Oranges, Monster Trucks and More

Showcase of Citrus: Animals, Oranges, Monster Trucks and More

Showcase of Citrus: Animals, Oranges, Monster Trucks and More

By Wendy Thompson

The Showcase of Citrus is an ecological space full of rich citrus fruits, fabulous aromas and interesting animals, Visit during your Orlando vacation.

Clermont, Florida - Enjoy pleasant orange groves while enjoying the boggy ecotourism in Orlando. Its abundant wildlife, soaked with the scent of orange blossoms, is not a surreal landscape hung in a museum, but an unforgettable destination to include in your next Florida vacation.

About 15 minutes from Walt Disney World, heading west on US Highway 192, and turning north on US Highway 27, is the Showcase of Citrus , in the south of The City of Clermont, a citrus estate that as its name suggests, is a visual spectacle of green, yellow and orange shades, one of the few places where each harvest season, 75 varieties of delicious oranges, incredibly sweet grapefruit and soft mandarins , Is planted with visitors in mind, offering them an irresistible invitation to be picked up with their hands. Undoubtedly the perfect place for ecotourism in Orlando

The organic orange grove attracts thousands of tourists who visit every year motivated not only by its delicious fruits, or its proximity to Major theme parks such as Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal, but also the desire to splash your vacation with a touch of eco-tourism without having to go far. Encouraged to travel the 2,500 acres of farmland and marshes that make up this farm, adventurous tourists can do so from the fun of a truck with gigantic wheels, capable of imposing on the mud, called the "Biggest Monster Truck in the World" The king of the Pantanal on the outskirts of Orlando .

The group joins the cattle that curiously, pasta quietly next to the lizards, and that when noticing of the arrival of the "Monster Truck" will be to the expectation, waiting for the oranges that The tourists will throw them and they will devour happy.

Showcase of Citrus: Animals, Oranges, Monster Trucks and More

A unique set of orange groves and wildlife that will make the trip an evocative memory, especially if your visit coincides with the blossoming orange blossom perfume, between the months of January and May.

"We are the only orange grove that was planted from the beginning to be collected with the hands, for the enjoyment of the whole family," explains site owner John Arnold. "The Monster Truck is the only one that offers a route to the northern site of the Everglades in a natural, non-safari type," he explains, about the one-and-a-half-hour trip through the marshland, offered daily And that you will want to include in the itinerary of your next visit to Orlando.

When arriving at the Showcase of Citrus the first thing that will surely catch your attention is that giant bee species, black and yellow stripes And huge wheels, parked in front of the place ... it's the "Monster Truck", well one of them. Soon they will be distracted by the funny dichotomy of an eclectic landscape decorated with artificial sharks, plastic lizards that sway in the middle of a lake, but do not trust, in any furrow can a lizard live in Florida. Once there you can enjoy pieces of fresh fruits, natural juices and organic jams that offer you to try and then you can buy for a reasonable price.

Picking oranges and filling a bag costs between $ 10 and $ 20. While the trip in the "Monster Truck" is priced at $ 20 for adults and $ 15 for minors. It is possible to get a discount if you travel in groups.

What to wear: Sunglasses, hat or cap, comfortable shoes, cool clothes, sun protection lotion, camera. More information:

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