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Without a doubt flowers are always a beautiful and aesthetic motif for the design of a tattoo. And who has not thought of ever tattooing the queen of all flowers? Both for its aroma and for its captivating beauty, roses are still today one of the most chosen motifs for men and women around the world.

Undoubtedly, the rose is one of the Most famous bushes in the world. Protagonist of innumerable histories, we can find it as much in myths of the ancient Greece as in the torsos tanned of the sailors. In mythical stories, for example, we find that the very Aphrodite is the one who gave the red color of the flower through her blood.

Feminine rose tattoos on the arms

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Being a symbol so deep and intense, was taken by the Christians to symbolize both the miraculous and the wisdom and the sacred. Without going any further, the Virgin Mary is known as "The miraculous rose" and the term rosary derives, also, from this beautiful flower.

Rose designs on the shoulders There were many, also, secret societies that took the symbolism of the rose as far as youth, purity, perfection and rebirth. That is, the rose is not only a motif that looks beautiful on the skin, but we can find a very deep root linked to the religious and mystical.

The designs are usually very varied given that it is a very popular tattoo. There are designs that are large roses that can occupy an entire arm or back, while in other cases, we can find roses by accompanying a larger drawing of a skull or as a fill of a sleeve.

Colors are something very important, since on them depends the meaning that we can attribute. This is how very dark roses can symbolize passion, eroticism and death while the white roses are linked to purity and virginity.

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Without a doubt, roses are a classic in the world of tattooing and it is in the girls who dress the most. Talk to your tattoo artist to create a unique design that suits you and begins to bloom with your new tattoo!

Roses tattoo on the waist and hip

Tattoos of roses for women in the waist and hip are used by girls who want to look more sexy, is a site that arouses much interest and enhances the figure of girls.