9780816521548: Desert Gardening: Month by Month (Spanish Edition) - AbeBooks - George Brookbank; Félix P. Hurtado: 0816521549

What is the best time of year to plant? When is the best time to fertilize the fruit tree? When should tomato kernels be planted in the spring? Gardeners living in the southwest desert can not count on best practices for other parts of the country. The summer sun, sporadic rains and short and unstable cultivation seasons produce a new set of rules for the desert gardener.

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Patricia Klindienst's work explores how immigrants to the U.S. hold onto their cultures and past through gardens and food traditions.

Desert gardening - month by month le Will guide you to take care of the plants in your garden and determine the best time to plant, prune, and water. This book is especially useful for gardeners and residents newly arrived in the desert southwest. If you grow vegetables, fruit trees and citrus, or simply want to maintain a beautiful garden, you will find that this handy book will inform you of the tasks you need and help you remember important tasks you might inadvertently forget.

Now available in a Spanish-language edition, this popular guide provides pointers to the maintenance needed to keep flourishing gardens and attractive landscapes throughout the year. Translated by master gardener Felix Hurtado, Desert gardening makes a wealth of common-sense wisdom available to Spanish-speaking readers

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