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Imagen titulada Grow Pansies Step 01

Imagen titulada Grow Pansies Step 01

There are unique places and islands that are worthwhile ... Lanzarote will always be my favorite.

Here is a photo of my trip, To begin with, its flora is beautiful, from the palm trees, which are undoubtedly among my favorite trees, even the flowers, which seem to fill the green void of their mountains.

Its landscapes, although practically desert, are covered by different colors, and have a wide variety of textures. At the same time, when the earth comes into contact with the sea, the waters, colored from the most crystalline to the darkest, seem to keep the places always virgin and intact.

And if you go, do not you can miss to visit:

The Jameos del Agua by César Manrique

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Mirador del Río (a place in paradise and most beautiful views of the island)

The Cave of the Greens

The Cave of Lagomar by César Manrique < / p>

Caleta de Famara (is ideal for surfing, for bathing is rare that there is no red flag)