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When I enter a room to make an exorcism, the devil does not see me, he sees Jesus Christ.

I am not an exorcist; I am a priest who makes exorcisms. My great power is in my priesthood.

Confession is more powerful than an exorcism. One is a sacrament and the other is a blessing. A confession is worth 100 exorcisms.

The devil wants to destroy the soul, and the soul heals by confession. If people want to diminish the work of satan, it should increase the use of confession.

Once the confessional line becomes thin, Satan's activity increases. To diminish the work of satan, increase the use of confession.

The power of satan increases when people do not believe that he is real. God says "I am who I am", but the devil says "I am not what I am."

than trying to get rid of it. Stay away from the occult, pray and frequent the sacraments.

It is really the Lord's struggle. I was going against satanic ritual abuse and a mentor told me to just look at the Father. "Trust in the Father, and you do not have to do anything else" , he said.

Sometimes liberation can happen instantaneously or it may take some time. It is a deliberate decision to develop healthy relationships, reach reconciliation, and grow with the Lord.

We are called to help people to help themselves. I will pray for people and tell them: now you have to say and do things differently than you naturally say. It is human nature to fall into old habits. People have to go back to God and pray for grace. Then you have to be willing to accept those graces and try to make good choices.

The absence of fear is a grace. If I let fear bother me, I can not do this.

A woman came to me worried about her son and the influence of evil in her house. I told her that she and her husband should take authority over their house. In situations like these you have to declare your authority in prayer; you are in charge of your home. She did that and the problems were gone.

There was a spirit that visited someone's son. The children saw this as angels or lost souls. You can often get into trouble if you explore this. Do not offer to help or ask who they are. Let the Lord take care of them and just pray for them.

Stay away from the psychic world. Do not try to communicate with ghosts or to help them.

Reprisal is good because it means you are doing the right thing. Remove the drama. It's not the worst thing in your life. Evil spirits do not like being expelled but the Lord has something to say about it. It is not drama, but a response to the love of God.

It is not our battle; is the battle of the Lord.

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Jesus Christ is ultimately the one who will give freedom to the people.

I help people of other religions, but if someone does not has connection with religion, I will not help you. There would be no purpose in making an exorcism if people do not accept to grow in faith. Your situation could be even worse. It is said in Matthew 12:45 "Then he goes, and takes with him seven other spirits worse than he, and they enter to live there. And the final state of that man is worse than at first. "

Possessions are rare. I have seen only two in more than forty years, but between possession and temptation, the devil can also oppress and create obsessions. Those are situations where devil is able to harass people.

If someone does not have a life of prayer and relationship with God, then the exorcism of him or her could be like a revolving door. The behavior of a person is what allows a demon to enter. It is easy for demons to enter into people who open themselves through the occult.

We are living in a very dark world, but we should not fear because prayer drives out evil and protects us. Prayer and relationship with God protect us from evil.

People forget that it is not a struggle between two equal powers. God is the Creator and the one who created the devil. God will be the winner. Jesus is God, and by the power of Jesus, the devil is conquered.

"I never thought I would end up doing this" , admits the middle-aged priest, whose unexpected road to becoming an exorcist began saying at one of his first masses after he was ordained 15 years ago.

"At the time of The consecration of the precious blood I asked the Lord to bathe the youth with his blood, to help the young so that they can have a vocation to the priesthood. "The immediate reaction was that a 13-year-old boy surprised the young priest, "he fell back and began to grunt." And I thought, 'I was not expecting this!' "

Several years later, he is one of a new generation of exorcists in formation following a decision by the bishops of the United States in November 2010 to significantly increase the Number of exorcists, currently estimated at 50 in the United States.


The priest, who is from the Midwest USA, CNA preserving anonymity, is now in Rome, sent by his bishop under the tutelage of the six official exorcists of the diocese of Rome.

Your learning curve has been pronounced.

"There are no two cases alike.

That has been a real education for me. "The rite of exorcism is not a magic formula." It is not the devil or exorcist who is at the center of this, but a person is suffering greatly and who is in need of a certain deliverance through Christ. "

Recalling recent exorcisms, this priest reports that,

" Once the rite begins , usually begins to manifest the possession in the person who suffers in different ways: violence, change of face, change of voice. "He just wants to intimidate, but basically you have to ignore it and say 'Hey, I'm the one who gives the orders here, my friend' ", and laughed.

DIALOGUE WITH THE DEVIL The angelic knowledge of the devil means that demons are aware that God only allows their activities to be "These suffering people are becoming saints (for) the offering of their sacrifices that God then receives." These suffering people are becoming saints (for) the offering of their sacrifices that God then receives.

And it blesses great parts of the Church all over the world. "

" When one remembers the devil, because he knows that he is losing and therefore he wants to get what he can as long as he can.

If he can not win the souls of these people, their miserable lives. " AN EXORCISTA DIALOGUE WITH THE DEVIL? " Yes, I ask you a series of questions: > What is your name? because when he uses his name in a command this weakens him. "Once a demon gives him his name, the exorcist then tells him that I go out and he might as well ask

"How did you enter and when will you leave the person?"

The key is to limit dialogue, said the exorcist in training

It is also possible to throw things just to humiliate the devil, as invoking the presence of saints , guardian angels and - the most feared of all - Our Lady.

It is then that you can really see that there is a change in the behavior of the devil.

"It is when it is common to cast foam by the mouth."

In case the curse breaks, >

"he will start throwing up objects that were used in the curse or, you know, the vomit or saliva changes from light to dark color" Know

"I'm hitting you home, this is really being effective and are good signs."

It's not nice to see, but you know That you are being effective here. "