Burlap flowers for rustic decoration -

Burlap flowers for rustic decoration -

Burlap flowers for rustic decoration -

Do not underestimate the decorative effect of the burlap. I do not know about you, but I love the burlap flowers or jute fabric. They are beautiful in wedding bouquets, in decorative details, such as cushion decorations, handbags and accessories.

For those of us who like it the rustic decor, this fabric is very special and if we combine it with lace, embroidery and beads we can make really beautiful vintage style ornaments.

Today we will inspire and choose models to create fabric flowers. ♥ ('.‿.') ​​♥

One of the most beautiful crafts that can be made with burlap are flowers. They really look lovely, and together with bijou details or tiptoe are ideal for making vintage style wedding bouquets.

Here are a large variety of burlap flowers and other fabrics, combined with fabric jute, handmade, to inspire and create.

The simple burlap flowers are very beautiful, but there are some more elaborate models that are really precious.

options is to use buttons lined with the same jute fabric to make the center of each flower.

For those who like rustic or vintage decor, this is a very simple way to make decorations for our house: cushions, bouquets, florets to make decorative details.

An original model is the sunflower blossom made of burlap. And to make a wedding bouquet we can use a combination of jute fabric and bijou pieces.

Bridal bouquets with burlap flowers and small bijou accessories never go out of style and have a very special style .

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Sprigs, tulle, vintage decorations, all elements that form handmade bouquets perfect for a warm wedding.

How to make burlap flowers

Another way to work the burlap to make branches is to harden the fabric, which we can then cut without becoming disheveled. To do this, before we cut the insoles or molds we paint the fabric with a fabric hardener.

We can also make a home fabric hardener by diluting the vinyl glue in water.

we paint the fabric with the hardener, place it in a mold or simply fold it and hold it with a wooden clip (the ones we use for the clothes). So we get the shapes of the petals and the folds. How to make colorful burlap flowers

The burlap can be dyed, I have tried it and it is very, very pretty. For this we use aniline for fabrics and we follow the instructions of the container, which are usually very simple, both for hot and cold dyeing.

The procedure is the same as we continue to dye any fabric. And so are the flowers of dyed hessian. This is a very original flower pattern made with the fabric defaced.

We have already seen that with buttons covered in burlap we can make the centers of flowers. And if we dye the fabric, the effect is a very nice decorative contrast.

Models of colorful burlap flowers

Burlap flowers are beautiful for decorate, especially for vintage or retro style wedding decorations. Here we see several models of burlap and fabric flowers and jute accessories for a rustic and warm decoration.

Vintage flower models

Here we see a model of very original burlap flowers . With the threads of the fabric we can also create parts of the flower. The burlap fabric, because of its thick fabric, allows many variations in the fabric, for example pulling threads, a very old craft technique used by our grandmothers for embroidery.

I hope you liked it. If you make any of these patterns of burlap flowers, do not stop to comment and share your experiences. All of us like vintage style jute fabrics.

Thank you for giving me a spin for my handmade diary ♥ ஐ