Imagen titulada Improve Your School Step 1

Imagen titulada Improve Your School Step 1

We arrived early to Rosarito to have breakfast in the estancia, not the best, but the only one we know. We then descend the same street to discover the architectural gems of the city, a block of wooden houses built in the New Orleans style. It was already late, we still did not get to the hotel and it's already 3 o'clock, the weather was all mom, the time goes fast when you do not feel the drop of sweat go down your back.

the festival. Amazons with long legs and hair on the door, lenses of all ranges and shapes, felt hats that match with flowery shirts; urban festival fauna, hypsters-looks that at night will lose their essence by the effects of beer and soft drugs.

After a brief wait for a confusion in the tickets we enter. Facing a wall with pieces of graphic installed, to the right a gastronomic corridor of unpleasant smells, to the left the bathrooms. We went ahead, to the stage of the garden, where Other Bodies did theirs, at this point people barely "trampled" and still did not find the "modest" festival.

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beach 424 caught the ears of a few lost in time, and I insist, not yet found the ¨mood¨ to the festival and a few disillusioned were already burned at the stake, or they liked the band a lot or they had been hitting it since tempra, very much their pex.

The afternoon was spent between coming and going between the stage of the garden and the beach, and between the stops occasional in the spot of central kitchen, in the epicenter of the festival. "This is just for the rich," someone shouted as he passed. Probably yes, I thought. But anyway this shrieks the proposal.

The "poster head" disappointing. Between the eternal solos of White Hills and the anger of La Femme I was disappointed by the closure. Not because I think they are bad bands, but I just think that they were not the right choice for the closing of the day, as it more than stoked the mood of the people they turned it off.

Out of that was a good experience, plausible for all who are behind the All My Friends, valuable and necessary.

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