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True death is stagnation. Without movement there is no life. Without displacement there is no experience. The static is an illusion.

Even subatomic particles have wanted to stay still.

So human suffering comes from stagnation. Try to breathe and do not let go of the air that entered your lungs. Now let the air out and do not let anything inside. Would die of suffocation in both cases.

Life is about understanding that rate. If you hold, you will be sealed. If you do not let in, you will be sealed. Between letting in and letting out comes a dance in the midst of the past and the future: the present moment. Who can not enjoy the present suffers the pain of retaining the air, suffering the anguish of closing the doors to oxygen lovingly provides the atmosphere.

Between the past and the future is your willingness to accept the Universe is the same outside and inside. The idea of ​​the separation of man and the universe is as false as the idea of ​​the static.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.

Thus, the rhythm of life is based on two notes:

Attraction, expansion - & gt; The heart pushing the blood that runs in our inland rivers

Expansion attraction - & gt.; The lung adapting our inner space to the infinite nature of the universe.

Have you ever wondered if your life is a melody that includes these two notes in true balance? You live in the past Do you live with attachments? Are you afraid that they will abandon you? Do you focus on lack? If your answer is yes, you may be holding the air. It's time to let go.

If, on the other hand, you wait for something to happen to be happy, you distrust, you live in fear of being betrayed and you focus on excess, then maybe you're closing the passage to oxygen. It's time to let it in.

Breathe, just breathe. But do not do it just to keep you alive. Breathe to live.

I think that's why I like to spend time looking at the flowers in my garden: they know how to breathe and they always seem to be willing to teach us how.

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