My Botanical Garden: Miconia spp. -Miconia purple

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Miconia calvescens is a plant that was introduced to Hawaii by the floriculture and nursery industry (Chan-Halbrendt 2007). Miconia was brought into Hawaii in the 1960s as an ornamental plant for its aesthetic value; it was cultivated in Hawaii and sold in garden centers and nurseries until 1992 when it was placed on the noxious weeds list of Hawaii (Conant et al 1997). Other: Long distance dispersal by birds is suspected but unproven. Taken to botanical garden / zoo: Miconia calvescens has been and is present in botanical gardens around the world.
Translocation of machinery / equipment: Transportation of dirty machinery and vehicles to the remote islands of Nuku Hiva and Fatu Hiva (Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia) is suspected to have spread Miconia calvescens < / i>. It was also introduced to the island of Tahaa (French Polynesia) in the early 1980s, probably with infested soil on the wheels of bulldozers used for road construction (Meyer 1998b). Transportation of habitat material: Miconia calvescens seeds or seedlings may be transported along with soil to new locations (Meyer & Malet 1997).