Twitter unveils new design philosophy, streamlines iOS app to resemble Android

Twitter's latest redesign makes the iOS app look more like Android

Twitter's latest redesign makes the iOS app look more like Android

Previously, the Twitter app opened links in its own browser, which meant you would have to enter your usernames and passwords for any paywalled site (ahem, Wall Street Journal) that you visited via a Twitter link.

Tweets now live update as they are retweeted, liked, etc.

"For example, people thought the reply icon, an arrow, meant delete or go back to a previous page", the company said on its blog. This also opens up a new side navigation menu where user can access their settings, privacy options, lists and moments.

Meanwhile, plenty of criticism is coming in for yet another design change rather than called-for updates to the heart of the product (including tweet editing and blocking harassers).

Twitter has unveiled a new look for its core app on desktop, Android, and iOS as well as TweetDeck and Twitter Lite. Twitter has now change the reply icon with the more familiar speech bubble symbol. Plus, typography is more consistent, while headlines such as "Trending Now" are bolder to increase user engagement.

While the changes are not major, the change illustrates how Twitter is evolving. This has been the setup on Android for some time, but will now appear on iOS.

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Some of the changes that Twitter is introducing also appear to be the company's way of making its app more easily usable for newcomers. The arrow glyph to reply to a tweet has been replaced with a conversation bubble, which seems weird at first.

Twitter says the changes have been made on the basis of feedback and ideas from the users.

Twitter is undergoing a redesign to make it ligher, faster and easier to use.

"Also, rounded profile photos make it clearer to see what's being said and who's saying it", reads an excerpt.

Another change is how users directly respond to tweets. The icons are lighter, rounder, and decidedly more millennial-esque in their aesthetic.