Newtown parent won't view NBC interview of Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly suggests her interview with Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly suggests her interview with Alex Jones

"The signs about Megyn Kelly's one-on-one NBC interview with the despicable conspiracy theorist Alex Jones have been bad from the start", the media columnist insisted.

During the interview, Jones never gave a direct answer when the 46-year-old TV journalist pressed him to admit he was wrong in his claim about the shootings.

The NBC hour-long "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" program was criticized ahead of time because Jones had in the past called the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., a hoax.

As The Hill points out, Kelly departed Fox News in January to sign with NBC for a reported $17 million per year.

The interview also was seen as a test of the interviewing skills of Kelly, the former Fox News star whose questions two weeks ago for Vladimir Putin were widely panned for being too easy on the Russian leader.

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After a pre-air controversy that swirled around experimental conscience transplant recipient Megyn Kelly interviewing America's spasming pyloric valve Alex Jones, causing those on both sides of the spectrum to preemptively denounce it, the actual segment finally aired on NBC last night. But many viewers - liberal, moderate, and conservative - applauded Kelly for doing her job and giving Jones a tough interview.

An encore telecast of "American Ninja Warrior" averaged a 0.6/3 in 18-49 and 2.5 million viewers overall from 8-10 p.m. ET.

Nelba Márquez-Greene, whose daughter was killed in the shooting and has been openly critical of Kelly leading up to the interview, spent the evening at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven, Connecticut. A local NBC affiliate didn't carry the program.

Complaints from Newtown families due to Jones' odious assertions that Sandy Hook was a hoax heightened the pressure. Although his theory has been discredited, people who believe Jones have harassed and taunted families of the victims. Jones, meanwhile, did all he could to taint the piece in advance, surreptitiously taping their conversations and releasing them prior to the broadcast.