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Vintage Hardware Adds Charm To A Wood Birdhouse Petticoat Junktion

Vintage Hardware Adds Charm To A Wood Birdhouse Petticoat Junktion

Andrew Bird, Katherine Tsina, and their son, Sam, in their Los Angeles residence. Prop styling by Britt Browne.

When you have a design sense, it's almost easier if your house starts out right, "says Katherine Tsina. "It helps to look at a space and think, 'We can begin again.'" Sitting on a Milo Baughman sofa under the soaring redwood ceiling of the 1920s-era residence, it's hard to believe that anything was ever off About the place.

But when Tsina, a classically trained dancer turned fashion designer, and her husband, singer-songwriter Andrew Bird, first set eyes on their home a year and a half ago during an impromptu house- Hunting weekend in Los Angeles, they were struck by the need to lighten things up. "The vision was to go against the heaviness of the wood ceiling and some of the more gothic-looking features," says Bird, a man known for his brainy lyrics, innovative electronic looping, and supernatural whistling ability.

The couple had moved west from New York City with their now almost four-year-old son, Sam, in pursuit of the golden work / life ratio. "I'd eat to L.A. To finish records, and I'd see producers or musicians who had a converted garage as a studio and could work normal hours and have dinner with the family. That seemed pretty ideal, "says Bird. He and Tsina, who designs a womenswear line called Avion, had met through a mutual friend in 2009 and married the year after.

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Are selected with the same thoughtfulness as a potential roommate. In the kitchen, a long John Derian field in indigo denim was the result of a long-term search for the ultimate hard-wearing yet inviting lounger. The biomorphic wood coffee table in the front window is an ordinary tea-time resting spot-it was crafted by sculptor Alma Allen.

The couple's professional endeavors have flourished in their new home. Tsina recently launched a unisex line of shirting and putting the finishing touches on a small women's collection for FW 15/16. "I'm always thinking about architectural shapes and balancing them with how the fabric moves on the body," she says, noting that she's been playing with a peony-print Lurex and layering delicate textures such as lace and silk. The shirting collection will be stocked online (avionclothier.com) and in select boutiques (including Christina Lehr in New York's Tribeca), but her dresses are made-to-measure. "I have a studio here and one in New York, so I take appointments and work directly with the client," she says. "It's a different kind of model, but it works."

Bird, meanwhile, has an as-yet-untitled album due out in winter 2016, featuring original material and marking his first bona-fide studio effort Since before Sam was born. "My last four albums have been fairly scrappy affairs-rough around the edges with not much production," he says. "I'm trying to balance what I've learned from the scrappiness but have a little more hi-fi." Though the LP is already written, it is in the process of putting together the right band, and speaks abstractly about His plan for the record's sound: "I've been on this old-timey detour, but this one will be in the 'none of the above' category. Lyrically it's a little more direct, where in the past I'd maybe dance around the subject a bit. "True to his original West Coast dream, he now composes in his studio in the converted garage. His last release, 2014's album of Handsome Family covers titled Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of ..., was recorded in the great room.

A light touch with the interiors brought grace and modernity to the home's 1920s architecture.

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