Diario El Carabobeño

Diario El Carabobeño

Born in Mexico, D.F. in 1937, Public Accountant of the Superior School of Commerce and Administration of IPN. Married to SLP with Margarita Cataño in 1965. Four children. 13 grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

Worked for multinational companies in the field of computer equipment from 1957 to 1974, with specialization courses in London and Detroit, Mich. In 1974 he founded his own company in the same branch, in the city of Guadalajara where he had moved to live since 1969. In 1980 he moved with his family to live in SLP where he founded another subsidiary company to the initial Guadalajara .

The last 8 years dedicated to the construction industry in partnership with his son Alfredo.

Always understanding politics as a civic duty, not as a modus vivendi, in 1968, Of the tragic events of Tlatelolco decided to move from simple criticism to political action and joins the PAN.

In 1979 he is running for mayor of Guadalajara. The official result was 29% in favor of the PAN (in those times, a success) and by virtue of the new LOPPE, the party had access for the first time in history to a regiment, which accepted to play as sole regidor of

It is a leafy shrub of single trunk that grows up to 1.2 m, which can be pruned slightly to maintain the rounded shape. Although the yellow daisy admits the dryness although gives its best results with a regular irrigation.

In 1982, already living in SLP, he was appointed president of the PAN Municipal Steering Committee in SLP and led the PAN campaign to lead the municipal presidency to Dr Salvador Nava Martínez for the period 83-85, also supported by the Mexican Democratic Party and the Cúvico Potosino Front chaired by Dr. Nava himself. At the end of the successful campaign, Dec. 31 of 1982, Dr. Nava invites him to occupy the position of Municipal Treasurer, a position he held for the three years of Dr. Nava's administration. (1983-1985)

Federal Deputy Majority (Dto I of the capital) in the LV legislature (91-94), secretary of the Committee on Programming and Budget .

In 2000, he decided to send my resignation letter to the PAN and since then he has actively participated in non-partisan groups such as CITIZEN ACTION and Citizens to the Mother. From 2005 to now, columnist of the editorial page of the newspaper PULSO

Today Alfredo Lujambio Rafols talks about his experiences in politics