Winter Children

I remember once when my thoughts took me so far that I did not find the way back home, I lost myself in leafy forests full of beeches, I walked for hours and hours trying to remember who I was and where I was going, but all my efforts were in vain, because what I could not remember was not really important, I got the certainty of it at that precise moment, all my concern was referring to the street where I lived, my phone, my identity card, data and more data.

Nature - Spanish with Judith
Nature nature SPIRIT OF THE BIRD AND THE FIRST FLOWER AND THE APPLE AND THE APPLE WITH THE APPLE AND ... (Sp) (LAm) (Sp) (LAm) < br> ilex, > arbuste, érable châtaignier, cèdre cyprès chêne frêne hêtre pêcher pêcher < br> chêne d'if iris, P> lis, œillet chrysanthème géranium iris, chèvrefeuille, orchidée Br> and valley

I realized that the complexity of my dense ideas had cleared one of my biggest doubts, now I knew who it was, at last, had discovered something in me, really unique and personal, that escapes the state security forces . . The day that I began to possess the exact lucidity to enter into this madness, I understood that the ones that we lost (we find) in the forest of our lucubrations are seen as rebellious and malignant beings, that is from the way of the crowd arouses fears and not a few suspicions, indeed sometimes turning away from the road is a way of doing evil towards one's neighbor and towards oneself, but it is not always so, the punishing finger of the great mass Point and judge you even if your intentions are only enlightening or you can not withstand the choking of spontaneity. So against all oppressive doctrines I started the struggle against the enslavement and the daily choking of small decisions, I decided once and for all to be consistent. That is why I dedicate myself to cultivate my imagination and keep my eyes on the emptiness. The same path through optical illusions, the same clear gray and dark ideas ...