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Antiaging: When to start looking after the skin?

By Clarissa Herrera Scheker

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Coco Chanel : Nature gives you the face You're 20; of you depends deserve the face you have at 50.

Coco was right, when we are young the least we worry is the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and flaccidity, however, if you want to have beautiful skin at 30, 40, 50 you can not wait for the first wrinkles and stains to take care of you .

In adolescence

Skin care should start from the teen, if it is true that we will not recommend an anti-wrinkle to a teenager. If it is important to know that most of the sun damage occurs before the age of 16. This sun damage results in spots, wrinkles and sagging many times before the age of 30. So it is paramount to teach teens to take care of the sun < Many acne sufferers also use very abrasive products like chemical peels and acne cleansers that accelerate the premature aging process of the skin.

FLOWERS Beautiful and LOVELY
The flowers are gathered in the spadix, that long part full of carobs that is wrapped in the white sheet (see photo beside). With the approach of the colder months, and the end of the flowering, it is advisable to give the plant a rest period.

In the 20

At this stage is the ideal time to develop a daily care ritual for the skin. This program should include cleanser, alcohol-free tonic, moisturizer and sunscreen.

In the 20 we have to become the habit of daily care, we must never forget to remove the makeup before bed and use a moisturizer for our type Of skin. Hydration is the key in the 20's to slow down aging.

Coming to the ta ​​b>

From the 30's add to your routine anti-aging serum that you can use before your moisturizer, and a refreshing cream to use at night.

At this time is also the ideal time to enjoy Anti-aging facial treatments in a professional aesthetic, not only help you relax and eliminate a little stress, but also help to hydrate and nourish your skin to depth. Make an appointment for an anti-aging facial at least 4 times a year.